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Frequently Asked Questions

The questions have been categorized into the following categories for your convenience. Click on the category link below or on the gray panel on the right.

Organizational Questions
• What is the mission of Hearth to Hearth Ministries?
• Who works at Hearth to Hearth Ministries?
• How did Hearth to Hearth Ministries get started?
• Why is the ministry focused on Kenya and Uganda?
• Why are there so many orphans in Africa?
• Do you need volunteers?

Financial Questions
• Is Hearth to Hearth Ministries a registered non-profit organization?
• Is my contribution tax-deductible?
• How much of my donation goes to the children I sponsor?
• How much of the ministry budget is spent on overhead (mailings, fund-raising, salaries, etc.)?

Questions Sponsors Ask
• How do I choose a child to sponsor?
• When I sponsor a child, how long does this commitment last?
• What is the sponsorship fee?
• Where do I send my payments?
• Can I set up an automatic payment plan?
• Can I send letters and packages to my child?
• What are the guidelines in sending letters to my child?
• How often can I expect to get a letter or photo from my child?
• Does my child send me letters directly or does their letter go through the ministry?
• When do children leave the orphanage?
• When does the orphanage take in new children?
• Can I visit my child in Africa?

Questions Donors Ask
• If I donate toward a specific project, how much of my donation is actually used for that project?
• Where do I send my payments?
• What projects are waiting for funding?
• Can I go to the orphanage and work on projects personally?

How can I help?
• What volunteer jobs are available on the Hearth to Hearth Ministries staff?
• How do I volunteer to be on the Hearth to Hearth Ministries staff?
• If I volunteer to help out, how much time is required?
• Are there any paid staff positions?