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Sponsor Resources

If you are sponsoring a child or widow's family, you may have questions. This page provides some of the contact information, policies and guidelines that you will find useful.

Payment Information

You may make your payment on our secure web site or you may send your payment in the mail

Contact Information

General Questions about Hearth to Hearth Ministries use our Contact Us page.

For questions regarding the child you sponsor, e-mail or

Mailing a Letter

We encourage you to send letters and photos to the child you sponsor, so they will know that someone cares about them. The children love to receive letters from their sponsors. They often put them up on the wall or carry them with them throughout the day.

Instructions for mailing letters to the child you sponsor are contained in the Quick Reference for the center where your child resides.

Hope for Children Center Quick Reference (Children whose number starts with H or S)
Maranatha Children's Home Quick Reference (Children whose number starts with M)

Letters should be mailed directly to the children by the sponsors. Please do not include money either in cash, checks or money orders. If you want to send money for your child, please send it to Hearth to Hearth Ministries using a Donation Coupon, and we will make sure it gets to your child. We would prefer sponsors send gift money to our Gift Pool which can be divided up equitably among all of the children. When just a few children receive gifts, it causes some of those who don't receive gifts to feel sad and left out. Also, gift money sent for specific children causes our administrators quite a lot of extra work to be sure the money gets to the right child.

Do not put your personal return address on any mail sent to the Centers. We have had experience with people using these return addresses to send letters to sponsors fraudulently soliciting money. Use the corporate address of Hearth to Hearth Ministries:

[Your Name]
Hearth to Hearth Ministries
P.O. Box 208
Lake Ann, MI 49650

We are discouraging sending gifts or packages due to several factors:

  1. Packages are costly to send and to receive. It costs you for postage and it costs our administrators to pay for import duty for the value of the package.
  2. Packages are easily lost in the mail.
  3. Goods purchased locally help the local economy.
  4. It places a burden on our administrators to keep track of packages and to send us a report.
  5. We want our children to learn to be grateful and to say thank-you for gifts received. However, many of the children are too small, or do not know enough English to write their own thank-you letters and there is not adequate staff to facilitate such a massive effort.
  6. When wish to see all of our children treated as equally as possible.

If you choose to send a gift or package of supplies to an orphanage, please contact us by e-mail so we can notify the Administrator to be watching for the package. We also ask that you send a donation to help us pay for the import duty fees.

Gift Pool Fund

We have found that some sponsors have sent gifts and letters and others just pay the sponsorship fees. This leaves some of the children feeling left out when they don't receive a gift for their birthday or other special events. As a result, we encourage you to donate toward our Gift Pool Fund. Our administrators use this fund to purchase a gift for each child twice each year: to honor their birth and at Christmas time, so that all of the children can benefit from the generosity of our sponsors and feel included. These gifts are typically items that the child will use such as clothing or school supplies.

Receiving Letters from the Children

We encourage the children to be grateful for what they receive from their sponsors and to write to them, thanking them for their love and generosity. But with so many children, limited staff, and the remoteness of our orphanages, it is difficult and costly for us to have the children write very often. We try to have the children write letters each quarter, which are mailed in bulk to our Sponsorship Director, who sends them out to the sponsors. In addition, we attempt to have volunteer staff members from the U.S. travel to the orphanages once each year. When they are there, they work with the teachers to have the children write letters to the sponsors. In addition, the staff member will interview each child and take a photo. These letters, interviews and photos are then brought back to the U.S. and sent along to the sponsors.

We also try to have the administrators work with the children to write letters between our visits and send the group of letters to our corporate office in the U.S. The letters are then sent along to the sponsors.

We are doing our best to have sponsors receive a letter or other information from their child at least four times each year.

Additional Financial Support is Greatly Appreciated

When we started sponsoring orphans several years ago, we settled on $1/day as the sponsorship fee. This amount was barely enough to pay the bills in 2001. Today food prices have tripled and the prices of food, school supplies, and clothing have also risen dramatically. As a result, we need your additional support to keep the children well fed, clothed, and educated. You can do this by voluntarily increasing your sponsorship fee or by donating to the General Fund. You can also go directly to our Donations page and make a contribution now!

Visiting our Orphanages

Visits to our orphanages require a significant amount of planning, and some of our projects are not set up to accommodate visitors; especially for overnight stays. If you are interested in visiting our projects, contact our Sponsorship Director for approval and coordination.

Ending Sponsorship

If at any time you find you are unable to continue with sponsorship, please contact us at as soon as possible so that we can work to soften the impact on your child by finding another sponsor quickly to love and support that child.


Sponsor Info